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The Theatre Royal

The female phantom seen here is believed by some to be actress Sarah Siddons, and she is, or was, said to be have been reported in a former dressing room, where one person reported the lights having failed accompanied by an inexplicable cold chill - and the contents of the room scattered around while a lady sobbing was heard in the corridor. The smell of lavender, the sound of footsteps and a voice saying "Get out!" and a guard dog reacting aggressively to something invisible have also been reported, amongst others. It must be said that it is believed by some that the ghost is actually Sarah McReady, a former manager; she worked at the theatre as an actress and manager for 10 years with her husband William Charles Macready. When he died, she took to wearing a black mourning dress. The phanom lady, regardless of who she is, is also reported to have black hair and wear a long dress.

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