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Rochester Castle

The ghost of Lady Blanche de Warrene, who was killed by an arrow during the 1264 seige can be seen in the spring, her flowing white gown stained red with her blood. According to some, the arrow can also be observed, sticking out of her chest. The legend is that she was embroiled in a jealous battle between two suitors and when one used an arrow to kill his rival, it deflected off his armour and plunged into her heart. However, there are various versions of this tale, including one where Lady Blanche leapt to her death. Stories exist that Charles Dickens has been seen in the moat area (it is reputed that he wanted to be buried in the castle), but many sightings consist of men carrying bows and arrows, and a man, possibly of the clergy, in the chapel area above the shop - his footsteps have also been heard too. The sound of walking, running, a sobbing woman, voices and rustling skirts have been detected in parts of the castle. There are many other tales!

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