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Pennis Lane

500 years ago, a gang of ruffians assaulted a nun in Fawkham Green and when their original intent of robbery came to nothing, they brutally raped her. Her screams alerted a pair of local men who drove off the villains and they took the battered nun to nearby Pennis House but her injuries were too severe and she died a few days later. Before she passed away, she said that if her skull was kept in the House then the owners would prosper, otherwise bad luck would hinder them. On the one occasion it was removed, doors opened and closed and mutterings were heard but no living human agent was found to be the culprit. The house returned to calm when the skull was replaced in the hall, but the serenity does not extend to Pennis Lane outside, where a nun has been seen gliding along the road. She is seen to turn in alarm, then runs and emits a soundless scream before vanishing; the horrific spectacle culminates in the sound of hooves thundering down the lane before they too are silent. However, some accounts say that her screaming can indeed be heard.

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