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Garricks Head

The screams of a woman have been heard here; in the past, her husband spotted his wife's lover in the crowd at the pub and lashed out with his sword. The husband fled leaving his wife to nurse the slain man who died soon after. Screaming in despair she then threw herself out of a window to her death and her cries have been heard in this same room. The "shadow" of her lover has also been observed here too. A man in Regency style costume is another resident spectre; he wears a long brown (or red) wig and has squeaky footsteps, and a "Grey Lady" haunts this pub and the nearby Theatre Royal. In addition, items (such as candles and a cash register) have been seen to be lifted and hurled across the room. A glow and noises, such as knockings and tables have been reported too as have door handles being turned. A guest in room 3 woke with the sensation of rope burns on his neck - he was told that in the 18th century a woman had killed herself by hanging in his room.

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