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The Shipwright's Arms

A phantom fisherman is said to approach the pub from the creek, pushing the door open and then vanishing as he passes over the threshold. Witnesses report the strong stench of tobacco and rum, and his staring eyes are side to be red and wide-eyed. It is said that he is the spectre of a fisherman who became caught in stormy conditions and after his ship sank, he managed to make it to shore, collapsing just a short distance from the pub. He never regained consciousness and perished a few days later. Other versions of the story say that he banged on the door after he made it to the pub but the punters inside chose to ignore him or told him to go away as it was late. At any rate the fisherman is said to have died on the threshold; his ghost is reported to appear in the bedrooms staring at the occupants. One account is that someone awoke to find the ghost actually in bed with him! There is one area of the pub that has a chilly atmosphere and the smell of decay which can linger for days. Items have also been found moved or arranged too. Another phantom would seem to be a lady in twin set and pearls called Helen who indulged a female patron in conversation.

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