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Bramshill House

A "fair maiden" in white has been seen running through the house and gardens, sometimes on a moonlit night. She is said to be a bride who partook in an old custom of being 'kidnapped' by the friends of the groom and taken to the church. The girl is expected to put up a mock struggle and hide and in this case, she hid inside an old chest which locked after her. She suffocated and her body was only discovered years later. There is also a "Grey Lady" with golden hair who is supposed to be a member of the Copes family who owned Bramshill for centuries. She has been seen in the house and at Pele Pond where she is said to have drowned. Another female ghost dressed in the style of the Charles I era has been seen in a bedroom, and yet another lady spectre, in the garb of Queen Anne's reign, has been reported in the Chapel Drawing Room. Male ghosts have also been mentioned: a man dressed in green, thought to be a Copes who killed himself by jumping from a cliff in Sussex, a youth dressed as if to play tennis (again, maybe a Copes?) who died when he fell from a train in the 1920s, a knight in armour in the Chapel Drawing Room, a man with a long beard who looks in through a window, and a 17th century gameskeeper who haunts the area of The Keeper's Oak and was mistakenly killed when an archbishop fired an arrow at what he thought was a deer. A "mysterious figure" is the last phantom here, seen on the old bridge over thr river.

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