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When this was the Plough public house, a number of events were reported here. These include a 100 year old photo of the pub being lifted off its hook, travelling 4 feet across the room and then being hurled to the ground, where it smashed. The jukebox would be found playing the same song during the night, even after it was turned off at the plug. It is also said that a previous landlord has been seen at the bar drinking a gin and tonic. Upstairs, in the living accommodation, lights would turn on and off, a sliding door was seen to open by itself and electrical equipment would break down. Door handles have been seen to move with no-one responsible, doors would open and close and footsteps heard too. However, just to show how fickle ghosts can be, the next landlord of the pub said it was all rubbish and that he had experienced nothing!

Update: 11/3/20 Caroline at the venue tells me that, "my son Jonny who owns and runs the building told me he just remembered two crates - for example like those Tesco delivers groceries in - flying off a top shelf in the storage area."

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