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The Silent Pool

The spectre of a little girl who disappears beneath the waters here has been seen on occasion. The story is that, in the 13th century, a rich visitor visited a poor woodcutter who treated the newcomer with hospitality. Soon after, the woodcutter's children went to bathe into the nearby pool and both were drowned, the son having tried to save his sister. The visitor had witnessed the tragedy but had, according to legend, frightened the girl and then been very tardy in assisting the two children before galloping off. When he was identified, the villain did not seem to remember his crime. Other variations of this tale state that the young woman was pursued by some of Bad King John's ruffians, and they either "ravished" her or left her to drown, and that the ghost calls out for help, and is sometimes accompanied by the gang of thugs, and sometimes with only the sound of hoof beats to be heard. A researcher suggests that the natural environment could account for some of the odd sounds.

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