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Loseley Park

A spectral woman wearing dark brown clothes and having "staring black eyes" has been seen in the House, in or near the staircase. Some reports say that she is known as "The Nice Lady" and is a Victorian housekeeper, and that she has a smile on her face. A "Grey Lady" has also been reported. She is said to have killed her stepson so that her own offspring would inherit the building; another version is that it was her own daughter whom she drowned. She is sometimes called "The Nasty Lady" and is said to stomp around, scowling (it seems that the reports of these two female phantoms may have become confused). Despite the confusing genders involved, the young victim is also said to infest the building or in the garden, where the moat was once located. This may be the little girl who was seen in the playroom with the owner's living children. Other phenomena include a man in the Long Gallery and screams of despair coming from a room - the story is that the husband of the murderess locked his wife up here when he discovered her deed.

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