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Farnham Library and Museum

A short man with dark hair has been seen here - he has sometimes been identified as King Charles I who was temporarily held here under arrest. The library itself is said to be cold and one man was seen to seen reading in the building after the library had closed. When staff went to find him, he had vanished! A man with a limp has also been seen in the garden too.

Update 2/10/20: Sam Reavey, the assistant curator tells me, "We haven’t had any recent surveys done on ghosts and I personally haven’t had any spooky encounters. Unfortunately what is already written is all there is." In further correspondence, Sam told me " I have asked my colleagues and no one has had an encounter they thought strange (public relations excluded). I remember a previous member of staff telling me of an odd encounter in an exhibition room. They were sure someone spoke to them when they were by themselves (this was before I joined the museum, so more than 2 years old)."

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