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The "Grey Lady" is said to be Lady Louisa Careret (or Carteret), who married the owner of Longleat House, Thomas Thynne, Viscount Weymouth. Louisa brought her own servants to the House, but Thomas was wary of one young footman who was devoted to her. Suspecting them of having an affair, Thomas confronted the footman and threw him down the stairs where he broke his neck and died. Thomas had the man hurriedly buried and he told his wife that the footman had left to attend to some business, but he was not believed. Louisa thought her husband had locked up the servant somewhere and spent her evenings meandering around the building searching for secret compartments. During such nighttime activities, she caught pneumonia and perished. Another phantom sits in the library reading, and a third ghost runs along corridors at night and bangs on doors. Other ghosts are the "Green Lady" who walks the grounds of Longleat (she may be Lady Careret, who is also said to be "The Green Lady") and a cavalier, amongst many others.

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