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Dunster Castle

During the Civil War, the castle was a stronghold for Cavaliers but eventually fell to the Roundheads, and Oliver Cromwell ordered the walls demolished. During the siege, the Parliamentarian forces tried to force a surrender by threatening to blast the mother of the Royalist forces with a cannon but she was freed when she told her son to ignore the threat! An elderly female ghost from this period in history has been seen, as has a Roundhead soldier in "The Leather Gallery" where disembodied muttering sounds have also been heard. Next to this room is a staircase down which a "Grey Lady" has been reported. Something on a spiral staircase unnerved a dog so much that it refused to move. Footsteps have been heard in "The Bell Chamber." An "older lady volunteer" who acted as a guide has returned to the castle in death. Chinking coins have also been heard in the castle, and a man in green observed in the area of the shop and stables. It is in this former location that a man in a jerkin and loose rag scarf has been seen.

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