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Dover Castle

One of the most famous ghosts of the castle is that of Sean Flynn, a 15 year old drummer from the Napoleonic period. He was murdered at the castle and the culprit was never caught. Flynn, it is alleged, can be frequently seen with his drum by his side walking around the battlements. There are a number of reports of drum beats being heard around the castle. In addition, there are reports of screams and moans and a 1940s era soldier that was visible to a child but not to his parents. The Great Tower has a reputation of being the most haunted section of the castle, one of whom is "The Red Lady", who has been seen walking through The Great Hall wearing a full length red gown. Another ghost seen in the hall is that of a gentleman dressed in knee high boots, hat and purple cloak and is known as "The Cavalier." He is sometimes seen to walk through walls. Several vistors and members of staff have reported seeing the upper half of a man in the King's Bedroom. There is also a feeling of unease in the area. In the tunnels below the castle are said to be the haunt of World War 2 soldiers.

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