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Battle Abbey

It is said that King Harold's bloodied corpse is seen here on the anniversary of the Battle (October 14th). On or near the battlefield itself the sounds of fighting have been heard and running figures seen. In the Common House, a knight has been spotted and an old man in a jerkin and apron, like a farrier, has also been reported. Meanwhile, near the Guest House and in the street heading towards the gatehouse, a monk has been seen. Two other monks, one in a black habit and the other in cream and black are known to have been seen walking down a yew-lined walk beside the boundary wall. A monk was seen in the vicinity of a door where previously, a custodian heard a voice crying to be let out - but behind the door was solid soil! Of the spectral ladies known to inhabit the site, a "Grey Lady" who walks with a limp has been reported in the corridor that connects the Great Hall and the Abbot's House, and a "Red Lady" has been spotted amongst the ruins and on the school's staircase. This latter ghost's red attire dates her to the Elizabethan period, and sometimes only the swish of her dress is heard.

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