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Eastbury House

The owner of the original house, George Bubb, hired a local estate manager named William Doggett to maintain his home while he was in London, but who succeeding in stealing large sums of money from his employer. Eventually, Bubb became concerned about his dwindling fortunes and informed Doggett that he was returning home to look through his accounts. Fearing that his crime would be discovered, Doggett shot himself (another version is that the owner was Lord Temple and that he gave Doggett an ultimatum to either pay back the money or face the authorities for embezzlement). Since then, it is said that his spectre can be seen walking from the house to the nearby town of Tarrant Gunville, where he is picked up by a phantom coach and horses, the coachman laughing maniacally as he speeds off. Another variant says he that he disembarks from the coach at the house and walks to the room in which he committed suicide, where a shot would be heard.

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