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Michelham Priory

There are many reports of phantoms here; a white horse without a rider, and medieval canon in the gatehouse. There is also said to be a woman who walks a little dog on a lead through the gardens, a "Grey Lady" in the gatehouse, and a woman who gazes sadly into the moat where her children drowned; some of these latter stories may refer to the same characters; by the entrance, it said that the grey lady is seen staring into the moat, looking for her daughter (or daughters) who vanished or drowned. It is stated that she killed herself and her small dog; one evening decades later, an investigator reported being chased by a similar animal in the same area. Additionally, a man in a cloak was seen descending down a staircase that no longer existed before heading through a doorway, with a woman in Tudor garb following him. Other occurrences include furniture moving by itself (making a very loud noise and leaving a figure of eight scratch on the floor), the smell of lavender, music being played on a harpsichord, poltergeist-like activity and figures on or near stairs. One of the guides reported conversing with a little girl aged 6-10 in the corner of the Prior's Room before she vanished; he also talked with a red-faced cook or chef with a very long knife working on a piece of meat on the spit in the kitchen.

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