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St Thomas Of Canterbury Church

Reverend John Arundel-Radford murdered his curate but was acquitted by a jury as "they had never hanged a parson, and weren't going to start now!" When he died he threatened to haunt the village if he wasn't buried in the churchyard. Because of his prior sins, the authorities decided otherwise - and consequently, his spectre has been seen walking in the area, a fierce look on his face, perhaps because the cross on his grave has shifted. The ponderous form of William de Tracy, one of the knights who killed Thomas Becket has been seen here too; as penance Tracy was ordered to built new churches on his lands. The man he murdered has been seen galloping up to the church door on a black steed, where he pauses before riding off. His ghost is usually seen on December 27th, although he was actually killed two days later.

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