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Athelhampton House

In 1595, the last male descendant of the Martyn family passed away and as he expired, his pet monkey shrieked and ran from the room, never to be seen again. Another version of the tale is that a daughter of the house used to use the secret tunnels behind the panneling to escape to her room after she was rejected in love, but unseen by her, her pet monkey escaped and was locked in. The sounds of scratching behind panelling in the Great Hall have been attributed to this monkey, and it has been seen from time to time. Additionally, in the run-up to the Civil War, two men who supported opposing factions fought a duel in this Hall and while no-one was killed, their spectres have been seen reenacting the struggle. In the cellars, a ghostly cooper working on a barrel has been seen immersed in his work. In the State Bedroom, a lady in 16th century garb has been seen. In addition, a ghostly cat has been seen but it is not clear if it has been seen recently. Also, an invisible hand rocks a crib and a "Grey Lady" (amongst others!) have been encountered in this very haunted building.

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