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The Bull Hotel

Disembodied voices are heard in this pub, especially the toilets; it is reputed that the hotel was built on the site of a medieval graveyard. A gentleman named Wadham Strangeways is said to be one of the phantoms in the hotel; he was accidentally killed when the Duke of Monmouth landed at Lyme Regis in 1685 with 82 men to claim the throne from his uncle, King James II. The Duke's makeshift army tried to raise an army and to seek news of the royal army. Strangeways took refuge in the hotel and in the resultant skirmish, a stray shot struck him, dying soon afterwards. Another man, said to have been killed at the same time, is also seen in the same room, which is apparently sealed up. A middle aged lady has also been seen in the reception, chatting to a companion who is invisible to onlookers, and the voice of a child heard in the lounge.

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