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A phantom monk is seen outside No.5, now an Ask restaurant; he is rarely seen and soon disappears but he has also been seen in the courtyard where he is described as "hazy". The monk has been nicknamed "John" and is supposed to have fallen in love with a nun named Martha and they both drowned themselves in the well in the building in shame. Some years ago, two skeletons were apparently found in this very well. John apparently likes to be greeted when seen. Icy breezes have also been felt and during its past life as a working men's club, figures were seen on the CCTV system and tin boxes seen moving, sometimes crashing violently to the floor. Other apparitions reported too including a figure dressed in white. A workman tried to go to the toilet but found the door inexplicably locked - and then suddenly it burst open, causing him to flee in terror! There have been other phenomena reported here, too.

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