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The Highwayman Inn

A phantom of a man in green with a feather in his hat has been seen walking through a wall, where the route to the stables used to be located. The ghost may be "Samuel," a Cavalier. A door from a shipwreck in which several members of the crew died may, it is said, have caused their phantoms to become located in the pub, and a Captain named Grenville is said to haunt the bar area. A "dark imposing male figure" once entered the pub, causing the bell to ring; he then walked into one of the bar areas where he vanished. A spectral monk and a lady in a cap have also been reported here, too.

Update 12/2/2020: I sent an email to the pub and received an email from Sally: although she says she believes in the paranormal and has been here since 1958, she has not experienced anything although "people claim to have experienced all sorts of things here."

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