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Powderham Castle

A "Grey Lady" has been seen both inside the castle and wandering around the grounds. Whenever one of the castle's children is ill, she is seen with her head bowed, seemingly in prayer, as she walks towards the chapel. The landing is one area this phantom visits frequently and dogs have resisted going to this area, or have barked at nothing. To see here is said to be a bad omen. A hazy grey figure was also seen here in 2009. There are also stories of photographic equipment failing to work on the landing, but fuctioning fine elsewhere in the castle. Children's voices have also been heard in the nursery but these sounds cease whenever anyone enters the room. In addition, a long-dead dog has been observed in one of the bedrooms. Stories of a spectral young mother and child also abound, although they are seen infrequently. Their bodies were said to have been discovered inside the castle about 200 years ago and were given a proper burial, but this did not stop the sightings.

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