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The Cheesewring

A ghostly woman has been staring out of the windows of one of the upstairs double bedrooms; it is thought that she is waiting for her loved one to return from the mine, but her never came home. In this same room, people have reported being locked out and music has been heard - a radio was found to have been turned on, by itself seemingly. The family dog would stare and growl at the room when passing it. An ornamental pineapple has also been the subject of unexplained activity - the lid has been seen to fly off the base and once hit a visitor on the back of the leg. The son of a landlord saw a man walk through a wall near the kitchen - it is thought that a door leading to the cellar was in the location where the phantom was seen.

Update 22/8/20: I spoke to Gary Stone, the landlord, and he informed me of a few occurrences, having been at the pub for ten years. He acknolwedges the story of the woman waiting for her lover, but he adds that he died in a mining accident; however, he concedes that it is a local legend which he can't vouch for (he apparently hasn't seen her phantom looking from one of the windows). He also adds that the pineapple, which was made of brass "flew across the room", but he wasn't present to witness this. Gary told me that in last couple of years while talking to someone in the doorway between the bar and the lounge, he felt a presence, and then experienced a tap on the shoulder causing a cold shiver to run through him. There was no one behind him in the lounge to account for this. He once woke up to see a strange silhouette of a figure in his bedroom but he couldn't make it out. It persisted even when he closed his eyes and reopened them. Occasionally he comes down in the morning and find champagne glasses on the floor, their stems crossed. Gary also told me that lately, one of his beer pumps froths up. A man came out to repair it but nothing was amiss. This might be a coincidence, but phantoms in pubs do seem to like interfering with pumps and gas supplies!

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