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Berry Pomeroy Castle

It is said that Margaret de Pomeroy still walks here, appearing as a misty shape deep inside the dungeon and as a "White Lady" who climbs one of the towers and walks around the ramparts. She was imprisoned and starved to death by her sister Eleanor because they both sought the affections of the same man. Another phantom is the "Blue Lady," who haunts the manor house and is supposed to be a daughter of the de Pomeroy family who smothered her baby when it was born, the girl having been made pregnant by her own father. Her ghost beckons to men for help, and when they attempt to assist, the samaritans find themselves trapped by the ruins (one person was injured when he fell from the ruins). There have been other phantoms reported including a small boy in a hood, a man in Stuart attire, a tall man in a dark suit, a spectral dog and a cavalier. Apart from these spectres, there have been reports of alleged activity including lights, sounds such as hooves, a smell of perfume, animals behaving oddly, the failure of electrical equipment and humans feeling as if they had been touched or shoved.

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