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Bay Horse Inn

A small, elderly man in a red coat haunts this building and on one occasion, a guest was awoken to find a figure in a straw hat in the room who disappeared quickly.

Update 24/8/20: Kathy, a worker at the hotel tells me, "I cannot point to a specific confirmed sighting but I am sure you know the rarity of such an event. I did have one customer (last Spring) who thought there was someone walking through the lounge one night when looking from the snug, at which time it wasn't possible as we had just locked the front door and there were only 4 of us left, all sitting together. However, no-one else saw or felt it and he wasn't 100% sober, so I am not confident about that. Over the past several years myself and a few of my staff have heard unexplained noises (eg, barrels moving in the alley when there was no-one there), and a few of the local PI [paranormal investigations] community have visited and come up with activity but nothing out of the ordinary for a very old building."

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