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Halsetown Inn

A woman in a Victorian era dress has been seen here.

Update 21/9/20: The pub responded to my Facebook message; "we live here and regularly have [seen and heard] things moving [such as tables and chairs] ect, we often talk to them and get occasionally response through lights flickering." In further correspondence, I was told that that they had "Seen a little girl with dark brown hair who someone has just told us could be the little girl of the original land lady Catherine her daughter is Elizabeth Kate's [his wife] atchal name is Catherine also so don't know if that's why they like her so much They will often stand next to her behind the bar or follow her And a gentleman sitting in the window." Previously, I was told that, "They [the ghosts] have been about a lot at the moment as Kate has been in hospital and back home but still unwell and they don't like it when things are wrong with us."

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